Tony Q. Sax


  • 01


    Part of the Picture Mike Garvey

  • 02

    Please Come to Boston

    Jon Frattasio

  • 03


    Debut CD Chris Ross

  • 04


    Original tune written for me by guitarist Gordon O'Connell Q'd Up

  • 05

    Tom Cat

    An old Tom Scott tune Q'd up

  • 06


    recorded by Al Jarreau and written by Marcus Miller Q'd Up

  • 07

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Tony Q.

  • 08

    Star Spangled Banner

    Audition Recording Tony Q.

  • 09

    Harlem Nocturne

    Recorded in 2004 for my parents' 48th wedding anniversary.

  • 10

    Pick Up the Pieces

    The Swinging Johnsons

  • 11


    Recorded live Sally & The Sophisticatz

  • 12

    Jackie Wilson Said

    The Swinging Johnsons

  • 13

    Who's Heart You're Breakin' Now?

    The Feel

  • 14

    Are We Having Fun Yet?

    A Terry Gilda original The Big Bad Wolf

  • 15

    People Get Ready

  • 16

    Hey Santa Claus

  • 17

    Shining Star

    Sally & The Sophisticatz

  • 18

    Saint Lucia

    Written and sung by Ed Scheer

  • 19

    Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time

    The Wrecking Crew featuring Peter Lep

If you like what you hear, you can check out both of Tony Q’s CD’s “Circle of Riffs” and “Jammin’ Out West” which are available for sale on iTunes.