Tony Q. Sax

Alto, Tenor, Soprano & Baritone Sax

“Tony Q. is full of life, melody and chops as well. He changes the air when he plays. One of the finest saxophonists in the world."
- David Goodman

"Tony brings a unique energy to every performance. It's unique because it always comes from the heart and it doesn't depend on the money, or if there are 10,000 people in the audience, or if it's just an impromptu jam at a local honky-tonk in front of a group of regulars. There are some people in life who are lucky enough to first find - and then be able to do what they were born to do. Tony is one of those people and he does it with the passion and conviction of a warrior poet. When you watch those old movies about the cats who made playing blues and jazz horn hip - think of Tony - because he would have been a welcome player in any era. He's truly a world class player, a class act, and you couldn't ask for a better friend."
- Johnny Ray

"I have performed with Tony Q. from New England to Key West and watched the smiles on so many faces of awestruck people as they experience a Tony Q. sax solo. Tony Q. is a world class sax player and a world class person. I perform over 250 gigs a year and my best performances are the ones when Tony Q. is on stage right next to me with a baritone, tenor, alto or soprano sax in hand, playing his heart out."
- Jon Frattasio

"Tony Q. is everything that is good in music. He plays every performance with his heart. As Miles Davis once said, "Don't play what is there. Play what is not there."- that is exactly what Tony does. Whether he is filling a ton of space in a small acoustic band, like he has when he has played with me, or he is just a small part of a large ensemble, you can tell Tony Q's signature sound right away. Tony's biggest attribute, however, is that he is one of the greatest guys I know; with the biggest heart. His laugh is contagious and he is absolutely the most fun guy to share a stage with. Again, Tony Q. is everything that is good in music."
- Chris Ross